"If you're really real, Jesus, show Yourself to me."

These were the words I called into a clear blue sky when I was about nine. I truly wanted to see a face appear in the sky above me. In my quest to validate my faith and beliefs, this was one of a number of tests I put to God. Another was trying to muster enough belief and trust to walk on water in our backyard swimming pool! In my later teens, my hunger was to hear from Him in a definitive way, to know for sure that I was getting certain decisions “right”.

But why did God not answer…at least not in the way I wanted Him to?

For most of my adult life, I have continued this pursuit to hear from God. For a number of years, the answers seemed dwarfed by the question. However, there were pockets and pinpoints of light, where I knew that I knew, without doubt I was hearing from Him. There was a place where I knew the words were not my own. They resonated, and even transformed me, deep within.

Many years later, there are still times I struggle to hear from God when I pray. However, they are far fewer. Part of it is that my faith has grown – I am prepared to wait or to not know the answer sometimes. I have also realised the blockage is almost always me - and how to deal with it! The larger part is that I have learnt how to better listen to that ‘still, small voice’. I have grown in my understanding of my own wiring and how God uses that to speak to me. And even more excitingly, I have learnt that I don’t have to just sit with the first small part of the answer. I am allowed to ask questions about it, to ask for more information, and it comes!

However, the journey has not been a straightforward as it may sound. It has also been a journey of deep healing. I have learned along the way that rather than God not speaking to us, it is us who block God’s voice out. This can be for a number of reasons. One is that we have been ‘reasoned’ out of believing that He can and will speak to us, or we have not been taught how He speaks. Added to this, though, we have built our own set of barriers and walls to our relationship with God because of the hurts and wounds we carry, given to us by others, the world and our incorrect perception of who God is for us.

As I continue on this journey of discovery, the passionate teacher in me is ignited to share the insights I have been given with others. This has been through writing; through speaking, both within traditional church services and more reflective spaces; as well as teaching and mentoring.

In my studies more recently, it has become so much clearer to me that Jesus’ message was not just about ‘eternity-when-we-die’, but about how we live here on earth. His message of Kingdom restoration is for this life, both for us and for every person on the planet. My hunger to see restoration and healing for others has led to engagement with a number of other ministry areas, including Healing Rooms; Bethel Sozo; a Baptist World Aid Catalyst group (advocacy), as well as some work with asylum seekers and refugees. The cry of my heart is “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.

Professional Background

Ruth has studied extensively, achieving a Bachelor of Science Education (Chemistry) (Melbourne University), a Post Grad. Dip in Psychology (Monash University), and a Master of Arts in Vocational Practice (Tabor College, Victoria), among other more informal studies. She taught in secondary schools both as a full time teacher as well as in casual relief for many years, and has also had extensive experience working with youth in ministry settings such as youth group and camping programs. More recently, she has been involved in volunteer ministry in a variety of Christian settings and churches, from worship leading to preaching and teaching roles. Currently this also includes co-leading a local Bethel Sozo prayer ministry team, co-directing a local Healing Rooms and most recently, starting a cross-denominational worship evening in a local church to encourage and grow unity in the Body of Christ.  Ruth is passionate about healing, wholeness and transformation not just for individuals, but for church communities and the Church as a whole.

I want what she's got!

As I started to get to know Ruth a couple of years ago I was so inspired by her passion and joy for God and her depth of relationship with God, that I wanted to know how I could develop a deeper faith and relationship with God myself. For the past 18 months I have had the privilege of Ruth mentoring me in my walk with Christ, listening, encouraging, gently guiding me and leading by example in her willingness to be changed by God which is evident in the way she lives each day. Ruth has also taught me that if God wants to change something in me, its much easier and less painful not to fight it but deal with it as God reveals it. Ruth's encouragement for me to receive freedom from the past through Healing Rooms & Sozo Prayer has changed my life. I thank God for bringing Ruth into my life, changing the course of my future and blessing me with a great new friend. 

Jodie Hayward, Melbourne, Australia


...A heart for people

In the time I have known and built a friendship with Ruth Embery I have come to know someone who has a deep love and passion for King Jesus as well as a desire to live out the teachings given in the Bible. Ruth has a heart for people and that their lives can have continual encounters with the Living God. Her heart is to see those who suffer and go without being on the receiving end of not only justice but to have their needs met. Finally I love how Ruth thinks and writes with real openness and honesty about issues we face in our everyday and where we find God in all of those places. 

Rev. Tim Dyer, Senior Minister, Belgrave South Baptist Church, Australia



...Unabashed message of healing and forgiveness

"Reading this book [Handing Back Control] is like going to places inside yourself you have not visited in a long time. Ruth writes simply but realistically. 'Handing back control ' can be very uncomfortable to read because it tells the truth. For anyone whom God has been telling to hand over the ropes to Him , this book will sound familiar, because it echoes what the Holy Spirit has been saying for so long. Its the unabashed message of healing and forgiveness that caught my heart a as I read. Its learning that I am not the only one who has struggled to give up control to God, that kept me reading and I found comfort and encouragement in the pages of this book." 

J.L., South Africa

...We share a common bond...

"I first became acquainted with Ruth Embery through an online LinkedIn Group called Theology For Today. It was reading her words of wisdom in that group I discovered a kindred spirit, one who appreciated the Grace of God as much as I did. There are many voices vying for our attention every day; Ruth's is one worth listening to. Expect her to tell you the truth in an unvarnished, gracious manner that will allure and educate. Although we have never met, living on opposite sides of the world and the Equator, we share a common bond, a Grace that changes our lives!"

Pastor Ron Gerking, Pismo Beach, CA, USA

...Hope with every message

"Ruth is a gifted writer. Her spiritual passion is evident and expressed with relevant topics that offer readers compelling content. She can intuitively communicate what most people think, experience, and search for in life. Ruth skillfully highlights God’s love for humanity and provides hope with every message."

Marisa Shadrick, Published Writer and Award-Winning Speaker, NV, USA